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On Thursday, Santa Clara County announced that schools will reopen in September as health and education authorities develop new guidelines on how to proceed with in-person and distance education. On Friday, state health officials issued new guidelines, and schools in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and San Mateo counties can reopen as long as they can prove to the state that they meet public health and safety criteria.

Starting Monday, Alameda County libraries will reopen for roadside pickup, allow child care providers to provide care, and allow for personal and distance education in public schools and public libraries. Some museums, which used to welcome visitors for open-air tastings, will now also let people in if they follow protocols.

Diggin 'Review, "do - it - yourself tours of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the California State Museum in Oakland.

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Help us achieve our goal of giving Shady Creek Outdoor School one week of access to the students who stay for the rest of their lives. Bring plenty of food and a barbecue, meet friendly locals, take the family dog for a walk, play football or Frisbee with the kids or spend an afternoon playing games and doing sports. With our extended picnic and barbecue facilities, climbing stones and much more, the little ones can be entertained for hours.

There are several boat moorings in Yuba City, so why not pack a picnic, board, breathe fresh air and drive down the Feather River? Abbott and Connor Lakes are two of the most scenic lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, take advantage of all the benefits and take in everything.

The park, which follows the river for 20 miles, offers a unique view of a part of the state that has played such a prominent role in California's geological and economic history. The area includes several covered bridges (currently closed for restoration) and barrier-free wilderness trails, which have been designated throughout the country. Throughout the park, visitors can see several architecturally distinct bridges over the Feather River and its tributaries, as well as the San Joaquin River. You can visit the Yuba County Museum of Natural History in Bridgeport (17660 Pleasant Valley Rd.).

The museum's exhibits are intended to remind visitors of the region's natural history and its history as a tourist destination and attraction.

When the Chinese arrived in Marysville during the gold rush, they brought their culture, customs and religion and built a beautiful Taoist temple. The Chinese population in Sutter County began to shrink when men moved to California, where opportunities were greater and there was a strong community. The settlers who came to Suttering County came from California to help build the railroad and later the railroad.

Once, members of an anti-Chinese group in Nicolaus forced those they found onto a boat on the Sacramento River and had a boatman take them south to Sacramento not return. Because of the discrimination, many Chinese in Sutter County are single men who send money to their families in China instead of returning it, she said. Chinese community life for the Chinese "Her life is still so diverse that Marysville has temples and social groups," said Julie Stark, the museum's director. Stark said that the number of Chinese from Suttering County was relatively low until the mid-19th century, when the population grew as more Chinese emigrated to California.

Henness Pass Road (1850) turns off the Truckee Trail and leads to Camptonville, and riders can turn over the levee over the river to Marysville. The route passes through the historic city of Yuba City, a popular tourist destination in the early 20th century. Visitors can observe the fast, moving water that flowed through the seasonal granite gorges in spring, and experience the refreshing swimming holes that line the 20-mile Yuba River landscape in late summer.

More About Yuba City

More About Yuba City